Gopher Leadership Program

Leadership with fun Adventures

The Gopher Program is a leadership program for children ages 12-14 (7th-9th grade). This program provides a safe, enriching, and dynamic outdoor program. The Gophers spend their days team-building, maintaining camp, learning basic hand tool skills, outdoor skills and helping teach games and activities to the younger children as positive peer role models. Gophers are expected to be present for their entire scheduled week.

As before, we will still be choosing our Counselors in Training from this Program.  This will be a summer with memories for a lifetime!

Leadership Program Prices

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Program Hours are from 9 to 3

Extended Hours are from 7:30 to 9:00 and 3:00 to 5:30

Session Price: (Monday-Friday)

          $200 per week (July 1st Week $180)

Session with Extended Hours:

         $220 per week (July 1st Week $200)

5% Returning Camper (from 2018) Discount

5% Multiple Sessions Discount (first session will be at full price).