Gopher Leadership/ Adventure Program

Leadership with fun Adventures

Lots of changes are happening to our Gopher Program!!  We are excited to bring back our Adventure Program to combine it with our Gopher Program.  This allows us to open the program up to new campers and expand it to include leadership and outdoor skills culminating in an adventure at the end of every other week.  Eligible Kingston’s Campers are going in 7th to 10th Grade and ages of 12 to 15.

As before Gophers spend their days team-building, maintaining camp, learning basic hand tool skills, outdoor skills and helping teach games and activities to younger children.

This year we are adding an Service Project component along with a Adventure component to the program.  Each 1 week session will either focus on a large Service Project (either camp driven or with an outside agency with a need we can fulfill) or we will focus more time on boating and waterfront skills and end every second week with an offsite Adventure.  The offsite Adventure may be a Canoe Trip down a river, or other Adventure using our newly acquired outdoor skills.  Sites will vary depending upon weather and the group.  Each session will focus on different skills, corresponding to our younger camper’s themes.

Seems like too much to do for 1 week?  It is! We will be focusing on different skills each session depending upon weather, camp theme and the group dynamic.  So we recommend coming to at least 2 consecutive sessions and be immersed in our program.


As before, we will still be choosing our Counselors in Training from this Program.  This will be a summer with memories for a lifetime!!

Week 1:  June 26 to June 30 Service Project           Week 2:  July 3 to July 7 (No camp July 4) Adventure

Week 3:  July 9 to July 13  Service Project               Week 4:  July 16 to July 20 Adventure

Week 5:  July 23 to July 27 Service Project              Week 6:  July 30 to August 3  Adventure

Week 7:  August 6 to August 10 Service Project      Week 8:  August 13 to August 17 Adventure

Week 9:  August 20 to August 24  End of Summer Celebration

Leadership Program Prices

Turn phone horizontally for easy viewing

Program Hours are from 9 to 3

Extended Hours are from 7:30 to 9:00 and 3:00 to 5:30

Session Price:

          $240 per week (July 3rd Week $220)

Session with Extended Hours:

         $250 per week (July 3rd Week $230)

5% Returning Camper (from 2017) Discount

5% Multiple Sessions Discount (first session will be at full price).