2019 Registration will be open January 15th

Welcome to our Registration Portal!!  Before you begin, if you want to review the prices click  ‘Prices’ to go to our 2019 prices page.

Registration is Now Open: Register Here!

Online Registration is an easy process with all of the information easily entered by you.  Please allow yourself 15 to 20 minutes from start to end to complete the Registration.  Please understand we need all of the information requested to provide a fun and safe summer for your child(ren).

Please call or email for waitlist, additions or changes to your registration/schedule.

Remember you can call 401-783-8620 or email if you have any difficulties.

Once you have Registered Online, the only information we will need from you will be the RI School Health Form, which you obtain from your health professional.

Along with the information that you probably have in your memory, you will need the following information to Register your child:

Doctor’s Name and Phone Number;  Current Health Insurance Company & Policy Number;  Emergency Contact Names and Phone Numbers.

Remember you can call to add Days or Register your child.  We want to make this as easy as possible for you!

 SONY DSC Not interested in Online Registration??  If you want to download a registration form instead of registering online please click: Registration 2019.  See you soon!
Once your child(ren) is Registered, you will need to call 401-783-8620 or email to make any changes.  We look forward to helping you in every way!