Daily Rhythm

How days flow

Every day has different activities and crafts, yet we follow a standard schedule so the campers (and staff) know what to expect next.

Our day starts with pre-camp activities, which usually include: table games and quiet crafts at the craft area; hula hooping or individual play at one end of the field; a ‘pick-up’ game that campers can easily join in like kickball; swinging on the big swing and tree climbing.  Then we have circle time where we are introduced to each other, play a circle or field game and have a snack.

After circle time we break up into groups and start our activities rotation, which includes swim/boating lessons; a craft or building activity; and a game or active science project.  We then gather to wash our hands and eat lunch in the lunch area.

Free time begins after everyone has had a chance to sit down and have lunch.  We meet in the main field to play an all camp game or choose a handicraft or table game of our choice.  If there is a play or special guest, that is usually the best gathering time.

Then our favorite activity:  FREE SWIM!  The campers go to the swim area and are allowed to (weather permitting)  go canoeing, kayaking, sailing, net fishing, log rolling or just swim or sunbathe.  Their choice.

At 2:50 those who are leaving at 3:00 come on up and get ready to go home, and those who are staying later can continue to remain at the waterfront or come up for a snack and games.  This is when many campers learn skills that take longer to develop, such as knitting, drawing, frisbee golf, and many of the fun, uniquely Kingston’s Camp activities happen like basket fortes and what they will imagine and create this summer!

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