Kingston’s Days

All of our activities are at a pace dictated by the campers. Every day of the summer is different. We may repeat some activities if campers request that, and we will have swim, boating and archery lessons every day weather permitting. Our schedule is fluid, and there is always a full day of activities planned. On most days campers are divided in groups according to their age level. When campers are divided based on age we have the following ratios: The youngest group (Ages 5 to 6) 5 children to 1 counselor; the next level (Ages 7 to 9) 6:1 and the oldest campers (Ages 9 to 11) 7:1.

On at least one day a week we will be dividing the campers into multi-age groups, so that we are able to promote step-modeling for campers and create different and interesting activities. On those days our ratios are 7:1, understanding that all of our counselors are nearby on our small 10 acre site.

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