Camper Rules

All Kingston’s Camp Rules are based upon Respect:  for ourselves, others and everything around us.


For the safety & well being of all campers we have established these rules:
We reserve the right to dismiss (without refunds) any child who:
1. Hides, takes or destroys the property of any other
2. Refuses to stay with the designated group, such as
a. running ahead or staying behind in a nature expedition
b. leaving the swimming area without an adult
c. refuses to stay in assigned area of the camp or water
3. Deliberately bites, kicks, scratches, punches, spits, splashes, dunks other children (or adults).
4. Administers verbal abuse upon another child (makes fun of, tells untrue statements which cause unhappiness, excludes another child, etc.)
5. Brings illegal or dangerous items to camp (e.g. drugs, alcohol, knives, weapons, etc.)
6. Encourages another child to break the rules.
7. We will call you if your child shows signs of illness; eg. fever, vomiting, there is an accident; eg. broken limb, allergic reaction or major behavioral issue; eg. smoking , drug or alcohol use, or at other times the Director deems necessary.
Please let your child know all rules before s/he attends camp. We want all campers to have a wonderful summer, and hope none of these items have to be addressed.