Kingston’s Camp’s Site

Kingston’s Camp is a perfect size for Rhode Island, the smallest state of the Union.  We are small and we have everything that matters!  Our shelters are Army Tents and Tipis.  Some of our storage spaces are lean-toos created every year with wood from our site.  We also have changing stalls for campers to change in.  There is no electricity, nor is there any need for it.

Larkin’s Pond has a sandy bottom with a gradual incline so we may teach even the youngest campers how to swim without being afraid of accidentally going over their heads.  The pond is large enough to be able to catch the wind so we can sail our sunfishes and even the puffer with a jib.   It is large enough for a feeling of awe when you are kayaking or canoeing, and it is small enough to always have a lifeguard within a short distance.  There is plenty of shoreline for net fishing, and later on in the summer the water recedes for a great beach with resplendent sand castles.

We are large enough to have multiple ‘rooms’ in the forest.  Our main field is cleared for a fun game of kick ball, sticks and stones and even mud football.  Our Nuke’Em field has a large net for games, such as volleyball and Nuke’Em along with a nice tire swing.   We have paths that lead to our Archery area in the woods, and our lunch area with a fire pit so we can keep warm during rainy days.  We even have a small frog pond that we visit to investigate nature.

We are small, so our counselors always have a colleague nearby for assistance, and it doesn’t take long to get anywhere!