Kingston’s Camp Prices 2024

Beginning in 2022 we began tiered pricing to make our program more accessible with great success!  See below for FAQ’s and why we changed to this model to support our community. 

Our Program is offered in Weekly Sessions

Main Program Program Pricing
Monday-Friday 9am-3pm
Entering K-6th grade, ages 4-11

Tier 1

Tier 2
(-$45/week coupon option)

Tier 3
(-$90/week coupon option)

Elementary Extended Day Options: 
Early morning drop off (7:30-8:45): $40/week
Late pickup (3:15-5:30): $50/week
Both (7:30-5:30): $60/week

Middle School Gopher Program
7th-9th grade, ages 12-14

Tier 1

Tier 2
(-$30 coupon option)

Tier 3
(-$60/coupon option)

Gopher Program Extended Hours:

Early morning drop off (7:30-8:45): $25/week
Late pickup (3:15-5:30): $35/week
Both (7:30-5:30): $40/week

Kingston’s KinderCamp
Morning Program only, M-F 9-11:30am
Campers ages 4-6
2700 Ministerial Road

Tier 1

Tier 2
(-$25 coupon option)

Tier 3
(-$50/coupon option)

Why Tiered Pricing? 

Tiered pricing is a offering that many camps across the country utilize. Kingston’s Camp has decided to switch to a tiered pricing model as a means to support staff wages, our program needs, and our families individual financial circumstances.

Explanation of the Tiers:

When paying for our camp program you will be able to apply a coupon to each week you registered for. You may add one coupon reflecting reduced price options per week. You can add the coupons to some weeks or all of them based on your financial situation.

Whichever pricing option you choose will remain confidential, will not influence the programming or experience that your child will have at our program. 

Tier 1 – the highest pay option for camp allows for us to pay competitive rates for our employees, maintain and grow our program, and support others who are unable to pay at a higher rate for camp programming.

Tier 2 – this middle pay options is comparable to previous years tuition and is a more accurate reflection of the weekly camper cost operations.

Tier 3 – this reduced rate is a supported by those who are able to pay higher pay rates for our camp program.

What if my family needs more financial support? 

Please contact and we would be happy to discuss options for your family!

Can I pay additional funds to support other campers? 

Yes, thank you! Please contact if you would like to make payments  anonymously to our Camper Fund to support camp families who may need additional financial support. Please note that Kingston’s Camp is a private small business so these funds would be considered payments to our program and would not be tax deductible donations as we are not currently a non-profit corporation.